Pitfalls of Large Retailers
MAKITA 6906When we think about power tools, we often end up thinking of some large home and hardware chains which offers more items than you can count. Since we've become so used to shopping at such large big box stores, we often assume that we're getting a better deal by shopping at these places. After all, how can a local store offer better price than these national chains which are advertises everywhere? But the fact of the matter is that local specialized stores will often offer a better price on their specialty when compared to these big corporations.
World Class Local Shop
Mississauga Hardware Centre is a great example of such case. Mississauga Hardware Centre is a local store which deals with power tools and tools only. They do not branch out to other areas and only specialize in contractor tools. From cordless drills to table saws, any equipment that you've ever imagined having in your arsenal is handled by Mississauga Hardware Centre. While you may assume that large stores will offer better price on these power tools due to volume, Mississauga Hardware Centre is able to beat large store's prices since they also deal in volume. Mississauga Hardware Centre's prices can be lower since they have much lower overhead when compared to these giant chains.
Serving the Local Community
BOSCH 11536VSR 36V SDS-Plus Rotary HammerWhile Mississauga Hardware Centre has a large web presence as an online power tool dealer, they also have a brick and mortar store that anyone in the Greater Toronto Area can take advantage of. Located just west of Toronto in the Mississauga area, Mississauga Hardware Centre has been serving the community for close to 20 years, specializing in power tools for contractors and the do it yourself type home owners.
Get the Bargain You Deserve
Whether you're thinking of shopping in person or online, it will be a good idea to browse around their online store at www.mississaugahardware.com. You will be able to see all their prices at a glance and budget yourself accordingly. Since Mississauga Hardware Centre's prices are so low and competitive, you may end up purchasing more tools than you've initially planned or may end up upgrading to a higher model. Being able to compare prices online instantly is a great advantage you can have as a shopper.
Take Advantage of the Knowledge Base
Mississauga Hardware Centre's website isn't just a store front. You will also find helpful information, such a introductory videos to many of the power tools that Mississauga Hardware Centre sells. You can also discover tools that you didn't even know about before. From generic tools to specialty tools, Mississauga Hardware Centre carries a full line up of products so that you can buy exactly what you need instead of settling for anything less. Visit www.mississaugahardware.com to find out all about power tools.
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Mississauga Hardware Centre
1270 Eglinton Ave East
Mississauga, Ontario,
L4W 1K8 Canada
Tel: 905-238-6523
Fax: 905-238-0124
Monday to Friday 6AM to 6PM
Saturday 7AM to 1 PM
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